• the practice test

    The Practice Test

    The Practice Test is an educational website focused on vocational training, primarily typing practice. Initially created to help prepare 911 operators, it has grown to […]

  • programming examples


    Programming reference site with common code samples from many different programming languages. We have been struggling to get the content created for this website. If […]

  • world language library

    World Language Library

    The World Language Library is a large website developed to help people learn a foreign language. This comprehensive website has learning materials for over 100 […]

  • aspiring writers

    Aspiring Writers

    A small website with random character generator and other writing prompts to help aspiring writers overcome writer’s block. Recent Posts from AspiringWriters.org

  • web community development

    Web Community Development

    All kinds of tips and tricks for creating your own successful website. Recent Posts from WebCommunityDevelopment.com

  • study abroad 365

    Study Abroad 365

    Micro Academy Labs purchased StudyAbroad365.com in May of 2020. StudyAbroad365 is an informational blog for international students about studying abroad. There were over 1000 posts […]

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