The Practice Test

the practice test

The Practice Test is an educational website focused on vocational training, primarily typing practice. Initially created to help prepare 911 operators, it has grown to provide a wide variety of typing and data entry practice tests.

Our latest revisions were focused no providing our visitors with a faster website. We converted all of our tests to static html versions and migrated our hosting platform from GoDaddy to AWS. We also updated our pages to use as many AMP features as possible.

Visual changes were kept to a minimum in this update to ensure our regular visitors a consistent experience.

New Feature!

In the middle of all this updating we were contacted by Paxton-Patterson about using The Practice Test in a new emergency management module they were developing. We were excited to partner with Paxton-Patterson to come up with a role-playing activity that includes audio call taking and map reading practice.

The role-playing scenario requires two people, one plays the part of the operator and types information that the second partner gives them based on an emergency scenario that only they can see. This allows the “operator” to ask for clarification or spelling help that a recorded audio would not.

The map navigation activity requires finding a point on the map, and then selecting the closest unit (red dot) and moving it to the location by clicking on the intersections along the route. The goal is to get help to the location as quickly as possible.